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MSR Voluntary safety recall

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Cascade Designs is the parent company of Therm-a-Rest, MSR, Platypus, SealLine, E-Case, Hummingbird and PackTowl. ProAgencies Ltd act as sales agents and do not physically handle returns, but we can point you in the right direction:

Cascade Designs warranty department for Europe is located in Ireland, and has the following contact details.



Telephone: 00353 21 4621444

From the United Kingdom returns for repair, or inspection can be sent via the consolidation address below:



Cascade Designs Ltd. - Warranty/Repairs

Mintsfeet Road South




WTDSL provide Cascade with the returns consolidation service only, they group the individual returns that are  posted to      them from within the UK and send these to Cascade Designs in Ireland thus minimizing the transport costs. WTDSL have no  knowledge relating to the status of returns and, or repairs.

The goods will be forwarded to Cascade Designs Ltd for assessment.  All returns should be returned in a clean condition with a description of the product (model, size, colour etc) and the fault.  Please ensure that you include a contact name, address (physical and email) and telephone number. 


If your return is covered by warranty Cascade Designs aim to replace it within 3-4 weeks from the date sent.

If an item is not covered by warranty, but can be repaired, a minimum charge of £15 + VAT (20%) will be invoiced to you. This charge includes return postage.  If the cost of the repair exceeds £20 (Excl.vat), you will be contacted by the warranty department in this event for approval.

For information on MSR Tent pole enquiries visit this page.


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