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MSR Tent Pole repair

This is an advisory page for UK consumers on replacing and repairing damaged pole section for your MSR tent. If you need to purchase a complete pole set these are available through UK retailers and are approximately a third of the price of a new tent.

Please follow the process below to obtain replacement pole sections;

  1. Select your tent from the list of tent pole diagrams lower down to help you identify, which section/s you need to replace.

  2. Email listing the section/s you have identified as needing replaced. Please attach a photo of the whole pole set marking the damaged section with a piece of paper, or tape, so the section is easily identified.

  3. Don't forget to include your address and contact details.

What happens next?

The MSR warranty centre for Europe, which is located in Ireland will acknowledge your email. They will either ask for further information, or they will inform you that they are sending replacement sections. Delivery takes in the region of 7-10 days, but may take longer in busy periods. 

What do I do with the replacement section/s once they arrive?

Take the replacement sections and assemble them with some assistance from the videos here.

Can MSR repair my pole set for me instead of sending me replacement pole section/s?

The process takes several weeks longer, but if you don't want to repair the pole set yourself this can be done by MSR warranty. Return only the pole set (not the fly and inner) to the UK consolidation address in Kendal from where it will be sent on to MSR warranty in Ireland. 

How to fix a broken tent pole

How to replace tent pole segment and cord



Hubba Hubba NX 

Please note that one of the 400mm and 274mm sections has 2 female ends and 2 of the 360mm sections are curved.

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